To join, you must have done your induction. Once you’ve done induction, you can join by filling in the membership form.

Welcome pack

Information for new (and existing) members here.

Membership benefits

  • paddle during the Club’s normal opening hours (Sunday 10:00-13:00; Tuesdays 18:00-20:00 in summer only)
  • bring guests for £5 each (limited to one guest max 3 times a year; 2 guests only at one time; aged 8+; guests need to fill in this form and pay on the swimming side of the West Reservoir Centre);
  • lets you use any of our large range of boats, including play boats, polo boats, slalom boats, sea kayaks, wavehoppers and open boats (traditional canoes, also known as ‘Canadians’);
  • hire equipment for trips away;
  • play polo and compete against other clubs in one of our polo teams;
  • get discounts on the courses run by the centre (see our calendar);
  • participate in club trips away (see our calendar).

Members are also expected act as Duty Officer once or twice per year and help out with our induction programme.

Club rules

  • Age: Anyone paddling must be aged over 18.
  • Ability to swim: Anyone paddling must be able to swim 50 metres in light clothing. Non-swimmers are NOT allowed onto the water.
  • Signing on/off: All paddlers need to sign in with the club before entering the water and also sign off when they have finished on the water. Gear needs to be returned before the session ends, so paddlers should consider getting off at least 10 minutes before the end of the session.
  • Novices: Stay close to the shore when paddling an unfamiliar boat. This should be at most 50m to avoid becoming a hazard to other water users.
  • Swimmers: Swimmers have a separate area marked out with buoys. This marks an edge to where paddlers can paddle.
  • Sailors: The North London Sailing Association also have sessions at the Reservoir, and the Centre will also run sailing courses. When there are sailboats on the water paddlers have to stay to the edges and give sailors the right of way.
  • Gear
    • Footwear: All paddlers must wear footwear and it must be secure on the foot. Paddling in bare feet or flip flops is not permitted.
    • Buoyancy Aids: Buoyancy aids must be worn when on or near the water. Do not go onto a jetty without a buoyancy aid.
    • Boats: Anyone can paddle a Kiwi (i.e. larger open kayak). To paddle any closed cockpit boat (i.e. most boats except
    • Kiwi / open canoe) you will need to do a capsize drill.
    • Spray decks: All paddlers who wish to wear a spray deck over a closed cockpit must be familiar with how to remove them in an emergency. A capsize and spraydeck drill can be requested during a club session.
    • Getting in/out: Please avoid damaging boats while getting on and off the water. Be especially careful of the underside and anything that sticks out beneath the boat. Feel free to ask for help carrying the boat into the water, or double up with someone else getting in/out at the same time.
    • Centre Kit: The kit at the Centre is available for use during sessions. When you have finished using the centre kit please endeavour to put it back in its correct storage spot, even if that isn’t exactly where you found it to begin with. Guides are placed in each storage area. Feel free to ask if you don’t know the exact names for what you are using.

Support for training and development

We aim to support our members in their development as paddlers and in particular those pursuing leadership, coaching or safety qualifications. Where possible, the club may provide a subsidy to active members wishing to undertake paid training or qualifications with a view to contributing to the club in the immediate and longer term. Members seeking subsidy must be able to demonstrate that the training will be of benefit to the club, not solely to the individual. See our policy on this.


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