We are now accepting new members, but currently only experienced paddlers or those that have done their induction.

“Experienced” paddlers are those who can confidently answer YES to the following questions. If you can, then we are happy to welcome you as a member. You would need to pay for your membership for this membership year (to 31st March 2022) of £110 (£55 concession)

You can join if you have done induction or can confidently answer “YES” to the following questions:

  • Are you a confident paddler?
  • Can you swim at least 50m?
  • Can you set up and launch and land a kayak/boat/SUP unaided? (If you cannot because of a disability, please give details; we will try to accommodate)
  • If you capsize whilst wearing a spraydeck, are you comfortable removing the spraydeck without relying on help?
  • Have you been on at least one all-day trip/tournament?

To join, please fill in the membership form.

Club rules

Age: Anyone paddling must be aged over 18.

Ability to swim: Anyone paddling must be able to swim 50 metres in light clothing. Non-swimmers are NOT allowed onto the water.

Buoyancy Aids: Buoyancy aids must be worn when on or near the water. Do not go onto a jetty without a buoyancy aid.

Footwear: All paddlers must wear appropriate footwear. Paddling in bare feet or flip flops is not permitted.

Capsize drill: Use a Kiwi (i.e. larger open kayak) unless you’ve done the capsize drill. You will need to do a capsize test to paddle any closed cockpit boat (i.e. most boats except Kiwi / open canoe). A list of members who can supervise a capsize / spraydeck test is posted on the door of the club cupboard.

Spray decks: All paddlers who wish to wear a spray deck must show they know how to use a spraydeck. They should either have passed a BCU one star test, have done a spraydeck test at the West Reservoir Centre or be able to detail their experience.

Novices: Stay in designated safe areas unless with an experienced member.

Signing on/off: All paddlers need to sign on the water before paddling and sign off when they are off the water at the end of the session.

Getting in/out: When paddling at the reservoir please be careful when getting on the water. The summer low water level has exposed metal screws in the sloping deck. This can damage the underside of boats if we get in and then slide down into the water. So please do not slide into the water. Instead go out onto one of the pontoons, place your boat in the water and get in to your boat from the side. Just ask for a hand from someone nearby if you need it.


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