Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions regarding Castle Canoe Club, please check these ‘ frequently asked questions’ before contacting the club. Thank you.

When is the club open?
Castle Canoe Club is open on Sunday mornings from 10.00am to 1.00pm, and on Tuesday evenings during spring, summer and autumn, from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Where can I find Castle Canoe Club?
The club is based at The West Reservoir Centre, Green Lanes, London, N4 2HA. For more information see the find us section of the website.

Can I leave my bicycle at Castle Canoe Club?
Bicycle racks are located in the main car park, close to the main door of the West Reservoir Centre. Please do not bring bicycles into the West Reservoir Centre building.

Can I park at Castle Canoe Club?
During club opening hours cars can be parked in the car park at the West Reservoir Centre. Drive along the lane, past the Castle Climbing Centre, to get to the car park.

Do you have facilities for the disabled?
Access to Castle Canoe Club is across flat ground and via ramp access. The club has changing and toilet facilities designed to be accessible by the disabled.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes. You must be able to swim 50m.

How old do I have to be to join Castle Canoe Club?
You must be over 18 years old to paddle at Castle Canoe Club.

Can I bring a group of friends to paddle at the club?
Castle Canoe Club is run by volunteers and does not have the facilities to cater for groups of over four people.

Can I hire a boat from the club?
Boat hire (for use away from the reservoir) is only available to members. See the equipment page for more information. Non-members can check the links page for public canoe and kayak hire options near London. Boat hire whilst at the club is free, during club opening times, to members and to non-members who are visiting for a taster session.

Does Castle Canoe Club provide private lessons?
No. The club does not have the facilities to provide private tuition.

What sort of boats do you have?
Castle Canoe Club has a wide selection of canoes and kayaks. These include many river running kayaks, with a smaller selection of play boats, polo boats, slalom boats, sea kayaks, wavehoppers and open boats (traditional canoes, also known as ‘Canadians’).

Can I store a boat at Castle Canoe Club?
No. The club uses boats which belong to the West Reservoir Centre. The centre does not provide any private storage facilities for individuals.

How often does Castle Canoe Club arrange trips?
Most of our activities take place at the reservoir. We run several trips for all levels throughout the year and encourage members to organise new ones. There is an active community of members organising peer trips and day trips to the Lee Valley White Water Centre to boot. The website events section shows upcoming club trips.

Does Castle Canoe Club play canoe polo?
Yes! We have our own polo court and people play polo at every session. We always welcome new people, especially beginners! We have a number of polo teams at different levels and compete in competitions. We’re always on the lookout for new players.

Is Castle Canoe Club active in canoe slalom?
Not currently, but this is set to change. Watch this space!

What training does Castle Canoe Club offer to members?
The club provides occasional training opportunities, which are run by the West Reservoir Centre’s qualified instructors. Check the website events section to see what we currently have on offer. The club also aims to run pool sessions, where volunteer instructors will do their best to assist other members who wish to improve their paddling.

Can non-members visit the club?
You must be a member to paddle. Non-members must come to one of our induction sessions. There is a small charge for this, but it will let you paddle for a couple of weeks so you can decide whether or not to join.


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