Since we are volunteer run, regular sessions need to be opened and closed by the member on duty. They should be on the shore to help people as they arrive. All members are expected to do this duty once or twice a year. Likewise all members are requested to assist with Induction Sessions once a year, you will be alongside a member who is trained in running induction sessions introducing new members/participants to site safety, equipment, how to get on the water and paddle tips etc.

The club has a (see link below) which is scheduled by the Duty Officer using an online tool called Dutyman. You’ll receive a separate email to access Dutyman. Using Dutyman you can accept your slot in the rota or find a member to swap dates with.

Without a member on duty at the start of each session, nobody can paddle, so we really appreciate the contribution of members here to keep things running smoothly.

Those who want to help out regularly at the club should look into training related to the roles they want to pursue. The club can provide subsidies to help cover the costs, which can be read here.


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